NYC Startup Job Fair

New York City Startup Job Fair Logo

(Logo Credit: NYC Startup Job Fair, 9/20/12)

Exactly one week from today, I will be heading down to New York City to attend not only my first job fair, but my first startup job fair. As I write, I’m starting to prep for what’s going to be a busy, stressful, and probably very confusing day.

According to the website, the fair will be represented by 70+ startups and will have OVER 1000 ATTENDEES. Did you read that? OVER 1000 ATTENDEES. *faint* I cannot even imagine how packed it’s going to be.

With that many attendees and limited time, I’m more than a little nervous as to how it’s going to play out. While I would LOVE to confidently stride into the World Trade Center, hit up every single table, ask the best questions, and pretend like I’m a real New Yorker (as all career articles are telling me to do), all I can see happening is me running around with sweaty palms and bandaids on my feet.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep you all updated the day of.

For now, here are some great things that I’m seeing from the startup lineup:

1. LocalVox: As an online marketing intern at a startup, of course LocalVox is at the top of my list. You can take a look at their website for more info, but essentially LocalVox is a platform that helps local businesses market themselves online. All of that is pretty self-explanatory. What I’m really interested in are their partnerships with local New York publishers. They’re official local news site is NearSay, but they also partner with blogs and news sites such as Harlem World, tineey, Yorkville and others. If you think about the demographics and traffic these sites/blogs get, those partnerships are a perfect opportunity to promote and raise brand awareness for some of their clients. Very smart.

LocalVox Publishing Partners Screenshot

2. Underbrella: This startup is plain courageous. The job description calls for someone who is interested in taking the “unmentionables market by storm.” Unmentionables meaning: a feminine product.  The reason this is a great startup is because of the first impression I’m getting. The website looks lovely, the blog is cute, and the underwear is sexy. I love that when I’m on the homepage looking through everything, I wouldn’t be embarrassed if someone was creeping behind me and happened to see the same thing. Unlike all of those odd NuvaRing and Day-After commercials, Underbrella feels much more comforting.

Underbrella Homepage Screenshot

3. Gust: Gust is a platform that enables collaboration between startups and investors for early-stage funding. I readily admit that I am no expert when it comes to startup funding. However, after checking out Gust’s blog and video gallery, I’m convinced I have found a nice little treasure. The blog has compelling content– it is very well-written and easy to understand. Even better than the blog posts are the videos from actual investors giving out tips. If I were looking to get funding, this is a great starting point.

Gust Blog Homepage Screenshot

4. comiXology: When I was little, I remember going to my uncle’s place and unpacking boxes of Superman, Spiderman, and Spawn comics. My uncle copied the illustrations to practice. For us, it was a fun and, at times, a guilty pleasure (I mean have you seen Spawn comics? Those things were not meant for 8-year-olds). comiXology brings back those memories. The blog is written perfectly for its audience– the first articles I read contained words/phrases such as “demon baddies” and “nefarious organization Hell-bent on world domination”…this just looks too good.

comiXology Blog Screenshot

5. The fact that PlumAlley supports female entrepreneurs already has me hooked. What I like even more about it, is the homepage which promotes both the product and the story of the woman who created it. The display is beautiful and the products even more so. Everyday my inbox is filled with commercial sales and deals — Puma shoes, Guess Jeans, Kors watches, etc. PlumAlley does a great job of leaving all of that behind. Most of the products I get through e-mail don’t have stories. These do. Homepage Screenshot

6. SeatGeek: What do I like about SeatGeek? Aside from offering a great search tool, the words and feel of the overall website make me a happier person. As a job seeker, the careers page makes me feel good about myself and more confident that the application process might be slightly more enjoyable. Plus, who doesn’t want to be called brilliant?

SeatGeek Job Page Screenshot

7. PopTip: I am obsessed with Twitter. Which automatically makes me obsessed with PopTip. I already signed up and am waiting to actually be a part of the product this startup offers. Seriously, the invite page makes me so excited! (see below) I also like their introductory video — it is well-coordinated and clear-cut. Again, cannot wait to try it out.

PopTip Invite Page Screenshot

I didn’t have enough time to write up ALL of my favorite startups. But, trust me these also deserve some credit. Be sure to check them out!

Urtak (great for blogging!)





Lot18 (Love wine? REGISTER)

What do you think of these startups? Any special tips on how to network in the city? Let me know in the comments below!


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