NYC Startup Job Fair Part 2

In just a few hours, I will be hauling myself to the New York City Startup Job Fair. My outfit is ready to go, I have a stack of resumés ready, and wait….

Rainy Window

Have you seen this weather??

Of course, it’s raining. Pouring, to be exact. I’m hoping it will clear out by two o’clock — but either way, I’m expecting some great things to come out of the job fair today. They’ve even added a few new startups!

Since I’m up so early, here are a few really good articles I found while prepping for today:

MyVR Raises $1.4 million from YC, SV Angel, and Chris Angel to Attack the $85 billion Vacation Rental Industry

– As a marketing intern at a leading vacation rental startup, this was BIG news for me

Guy Kawasaki’s 10 Questions to Ask Before You Join A Startup

– Some really interesting questions here. Not your run-of-the-mill. As expected by the amazing Guy Kawasaki.

This Week’s Top 6 Infographics

– Keyword search infographic, you know me so well..

Google Launches Remarketing in Search Beta

– This is very exciting. Making personalized landing pages by allowing you to change ad campaign messages. Will definitely have to look into this more.

Style Guidelines for Female Entrepreneurs

– A perfect article for today, future job-seeking and for professional growth.

Perhaps You are the Bottleneck

– With increased funding opportunities, what’s missing?

And last but not least, everything and anything on TechCrunch’s Startup feed.

What do you think of the articles? Any thoughts?


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