The Week: Networking Madness

Welcome to my new segment — a delightfully themed post on the best reads and happenings of my week. Given my recent dedication to increase the quality of my reading, I thought this would be good practice. Enjoy!

(Also, a weekly segment means I will be writing more. Hooray for keeping my blog updated! It is not an easy thing to accomplish, trust me.)


This week is all about networking and job hunting. I’ve been traveling back and forth from Boston and New York City in search of some awesome job opportunities and I have to say, networking is exhausting, but completely worth it. Here’s what was happening on my end of the job hunt season:

1. Last Friday, I attended the New York City Startup Job Fair for the second time. It was crowded, busy, and a little overwhelming. While it was hard to get around, I admit that it’s a great way to stay on your toes and look sharp. If you want to impress anyone, attending a startup fair tests your knowledge on industry skills and trends. A great reason to network and attend job fairs.

If you’re looking to work in a startup, I highly recommend this one. Make sure to follow their Twitter account for updates: @nycstartupjobs

NYC Startup Job Fair


2. I’ve recently become a huge fan of The Daily Muse. They’re a great job hunting resource and the job board is top notch. Again, if you’re interested in tech and startups, make sure to use them to your advantage. I especially love their newsletter.

3. Todd Defren, CEO at SHIFT Communications, gave Millemials a kick in the ass with this open letter. Like so many other undergrads applying for jobs, I took this one personally — but in a good way. While nervously reading the article, I did a mental checklist for everything I had done right according to Todd’s standards. Luckily, it looks like I’m on the right track.

One scary quote to take from this: “Your cover letter should be flawless and interesting. Grammatical errors are perfectly acceptable—so long as you don’t mind if we immediately trash your letter.”


4. On a final note, I’m hosting an event tonight with my fellow organizer and blogger Melanie Cohn. It’s our second event for the group we co-founded called Young Women in Digital. As of last night, the event, named “Marketing and Mingling”, was entirely sold out! I am so excited and proud that we managed to create a group that appeals to so many women.

If you work in marketing/digital/PR in Boston, join us for our next event! You can follow us on Twitter using #YWDBoston 🙂

Young Women in Digital Marketing and Mingling


NYC Startup Job Fair Part 3

Instagram Moo Business Cards

My business cards — thanks Moo!

Unemployed techies traveled far and wide to come the startup job fair that took place last Friday. The event was packed. I arrived at 2:30 on the dot with my cute business cards (see above) and I still had to wait in line for a half an hour in the pouring rain. I admit, I was not prepared for the terrible weather. But it encouraged small chatter as I shared an umbrella with someone waiting in line. I’m sending many thanks to the person who talked to me — it helped get rid of the butterflies in my stomach and kept me calm and cool for those first few moments of the event! Continue reading

NYC Startup Job Fair Part 2

In just a few hours, I will be hauling myself to the New York City Startup Job Fair. My outfit is ready to go, I have a stack of resumés ready, and wait….

Rainy Window

Have you seen this weather??

Of course, it’s raining. Pouring, to be exact. I’m hoping it will clear out by two o’clock — but either way, I’m expecting some great things to come out of the job fair today. They’ve even added a few new startups! Continue reading

NYC Startup Job Fair

New York City Startup Job Fair Logo

(Logo Credit: NYC Startup Job Fair, 9/20/12)

Exactly one week from today, I will be heading down to New York City to attend not only my first job fair, but my first startup job fair. As I write, I’m starting to prep for what’s going to be a busy, stressful, and probably very confusing day.

According to the website, the fair will be represented by 70+ startups and will have OVER 1000 ATTENDEES. Did you read that? OVER 1000 ATTENDEES. *faint* I cannot even imagine how packed it’s going to be.

With that many attendees and limited time, I’m more than a little nervous as to how it’s going to play out. While I would LOVE to confidently stride into the World Trade Center, hit up every single table, ask the best questions, and pretend like I’m a real New Yorker (as all career articles are telling me to do), all I can see happening is me running around with sweaty palms and bandaids on my feet. Continue reading