Ordering Local with Foodler

Foodler Home Page

About two weeks ago, a good friend of mine sent me a message saying something along the lines of “Bloggers Wanted, You GET FREE FOOD.” Of course, I jumped at the opportunity. I sent out a message in response and voila! just a few days later and I’m writing a little review of my experience with Foodler, a website made for ordering delivery and takeout from local restaurants.

I admit, I ordered delivery a lot freshman year so this wasn’t my first experience with the site. I already have an account and even a few Foodler Bucks (more on those in a minute) saved up from the last time I used it. I decided that I was going to go all out — I had a huge midterm to study for and I knew I would need food to comfort me. My friend and I snuck out to a study room and ordered Popeye’s. I have absolutely no regrets. Continue reading


The Greenway Mural: Controversy, Art, and Creativity in Boston

Cheers Boston

(Source: Rob Young)

About a month ago, I had an eye-opening discussion with someone I randomly shared a cab with. I was going downtown and, of course, the 57 was late. I checked my phone and saw that the next bus wouldn’t arrive for another 30 minutes. Annoyed and frustrated, I decided I couldn’t wait any longer and would simply take a cab.

There was an elderly man standing next to me in dirty jeans, a red sox hat and jacket. I assumed he was going to pick up his family after the game since it was already 10pm. I asked him if he wanted to share a cab with me. He happily agreed and off we went.

The guy was a Bostonian through and through. Accent, clothes, political views, everything. We chit-chatted a little and I asked him bout Boston. As a non-native, I was curious to see what his thoughts were. His reply surprised me. Continue reading

NYC Startup Job Fair Part 3

Instagram Moo Business Cards

My business cards — thanks Moo!

Unemployed techies traveled far and wide to come the startup job fair that took place last Friday. The event was packed. I arrived at 2:30 on the dot with my cute business cards (see above) and I still had to wait in line for a half an hour in the pouring rain. I admit, I was not prepared for the terrible weather. But it encouraged small chatter as I shared an umbrella with someone waiting in line. I’m sending many thanks to the person who talked to me — it helped get rid of the butterflies in my stomach and kept me calm and cool for those first few moments of the event! Continue reading

NYC Startup Job Fair Part 2

In just a few hours, I will be hauling myself to the New York City Startup Job Fair. My outfit is ready to go, I have a stack of resumés ready, and wait….

Rainy Window

Have you seen this weather??

Of course, it’s raining. Pouring, to be exact. I’m hoping it will clear out by two o’clock — but either way, I’m expecting some great things to come out of the job fair today. They’ve even added a few new startups! Continue reading

NYC Startup Job Fair

New York City Startup Job Fair Logo

(Logo Credit: NYC Startup Job Fair, 9/20/12)

Exactly one week from today, I will be heading down to New York City to attend not only my first job fair, but my first startup job fair. As I write, I’m starting to prep for what’s going to be a busy, stressful, and probably very confusing day.

According to the website, the fair will be represented by 70+ startups and will have OVER 1000 ATTENDEES. Did you read that? OVER 1000 ATTENDEES. *faint* I cannot even imagine how packed it’s going to be.

With that many attendees and limited time, I’m more than a little nervous as to how it’s going to play out. While I would LOVE to confidently stride into the World Trade Center, hit up every single table, ask the best questions, and pretend like I’m a real New Yorker (as all career articles are telling me to do), all I can see happening is me running around with sweaty palms and bandaids on my feet. Continue reading