Personal Branding vs. Writing: Why I Blog

Pen and Paper

Cute and inspiring by Flickr user mrsdkrebs

A few months ago, someone interviewed me on the topic of job hunting, specifically after college. It was an interesting conversation that lasted much longer than I expected (probably because I was rambling the entire time), but I vividly remember one question that I wanted to share with you all.

“Why do you blog? Is it a way to get yourself out there? To brand yourself?”

“No, I blog because I like to write. Because I want to improve on it!”

I want to make it clear: “Personal Branding” is a phrase I have banned. As a senior in college with meager job prospects in a terrible market, you would think blogging would be my “way in.” But, I like to think that I write without having ulterior motives. Because really, what exactly is the point of branding yourself if there is no tangible outcome? Here are some of the main differences I see between blogging for a personal brand and blogging just to… well, blog: Continue reading