My 5 Favorite Marketing Tools for the New Year

Internet Tools

Via Flickr user steve_lodefink

I am one of those lucky college students who has an amazing internship. Everyday, I get to work on different projects, I meet new people, and I build on skills that will be useful for a real job (sorry BU, just knowing MS Office doesn’t cut it). That being said, I’ve mixed and matched quite a few different “tools” over the past year to see what works best and helps me cut time without cutting quality. If you do anything with content, you know that creating a buzz-worthy post always takes longer than expected. And if you do anything SEO related, you know that keeping track of contacts, websites and partnerships is a real pain in the ass.

If your work in the marketing world includes content, SEO, or social media (which if it doesn’t now, it will at some point), I highly recommend these 5 tools. Really though, they are lifesavers and make my everyday so much more enjoyable. Continue reading